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Jungle Gym childrens slides
A Jungle Gym play tower or playhouse is not complete without a slide. Jungle Gym childrens slides add extra fun to the outdoor activities of your children, as they can’t get enough of going up-and-down again and again. The effort of climbing the playtower followed by the reward of smoothly sliding down is an exhilarating experience for them. The wave-shaped Jungle Gym kids slides are a real classic outdoor toy and works well with children’s imagination. Does the Wavy Star Slide take up too much space in your garden? A fireman’s pole is a more compact, yet exciting, sliding alternative.

Types of slides
Jungle Gym has two sizes of garden slides. Depending on the type of Playtower you choose, one of these outdoor slides fits best. The small outdoor slide is compatible with Playtowers that have a platform height of 125 cm. The large outdoor slide matches the Playtowers with a platform height of 145 cm. Another fun feature is the possibility to attach the garden hose and turn your slide into a waterslide!

Slide specifications
Jungle Gym childrens slides have a smooth wave-shaped sliding surface and are available in red, blue, yellow, green or pink. They feature high rails to ensure an easy and safe entry, and they have flattened bottoms to help them land safely on their feet. Special slide platform mounting parts and ground anchors are provided in each Jungle Gym kit. The childrens slides are made of high-density polyethylene. This material is very durable, fade-resistant and UV-treated.

More fun?
Do you want to add even more to your Playtower? The Climb Module and Bridge Module are a fun add-on particularly for those kids that like to climb rocks and ropes. Or do they rather pretend to play with a shop, playhouse or to have a picnic with other children? In this case the Mini Market Module, Picnic Module or Playhouse Module are perfect to complete your kids Playtower. Another popular addition is the Swing Module, or Balcony Module to give an extra dimension to smaller gardens. Finally, there are the unique designs of the boat and train modules that transform your backyard in true paradise.
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